How to share wireframe with other users

Even though these questions are answered in very detail here in the documentation, it is explained in more detail once again.   Can you create multiple projects in mockup tiger? Answer: Absolutely yes, The whole application is designed with projects as the central idea. You can create any number of projects and within each project … Read more

Wireframes – server side clipboard

In MockupTiger, the clipboard functionality is implemented on the server side. What does it mean by server side When you select a single widget or multiple widget and press Ctrl+C (control key + c) The widgets are copied back on the server under the user’s private folder Next time, when the user presses Ctrl+V for … Read more

Website Mockups – How to share to individual users

How do you share single website mockups to individual users? Earlier we saw that our wireframe software easily allows you to quickly share single web mockup page to everybody on the internet. What if you don’t want to share it to the whole world and instead you just want to share a single page to … Read more

Wireframe Software : How do you share wireframes to all public

How do you share your wireframes/mockups to general public so that they do not need to login. There are multiple ways of sharing projects within your team members and you can grant them either a “DEVELOPER” or “VIEWER” roles when you share your projects within the Mockuptiger wireframe software. You can check the complete details … Read more

User Interface Mockups – How to do automatic sharing

Automatic Sharing of all user interface mockup/pages Mockuptiger allows easy collaboration of all the user interface prototyping pages that you build under your account. Scenario: Let say you are a project manager and are handling a particular client account. Now in your company you also have a senior product manager who is not building any … Read more

Wireframe Keyboard Shortcuts

  Ctrl + S Save the Page     Ctrl + A Select All Ctrl + C Copy selected objects Ctrl + V Paste copied objects Ctrl + Shift + C Copy selected objects to the Server Clipboard. This shortcut can be used for copying objects across different page or projects Ctrl + Shift + … Read more

Introduction to MockupTiger Dashboard

MockupTiger dashboard is a place where you manage your groups, projects and pages. You can reach the dashboard from the editor via Action > Go to Dashboard   This is what you see when you launch the dashboard page Quick Tip: The dashboard enables you to share your work with other users. Whatever you create … Read more

How to upgrade MockupTiger

You are using a previous version of MockupTiger and want to upgrade to the latest version. The upgrade procedure is the same if your using it on your desktop or on the server/host/domain. In case of upgrading your server, the steps of copying the files will be replaced by FTPing the files. 1. Backup First … Read more

How to Edit Groups in mockups

MockupTiger wireframe objects can be grouped and un-grouped using the two icons in the toolbar Consider this grouped object below Once the icon and the bubble comment are grouped together, they become a new object that can be moved around. When you group objects, the position is maintained with the child objects. You can stretch … Read more