How to upgrade MockupTiger

You are using a previous version of MockupTiger and want to upgrade to the latest version.

The upgrade procedure is the same if your using it on your desktop or on the server/host/domain. In case of upgrading your server, the steps of copying the files will be replaced by FTPing the files.

1. Backup

First step would be to backup your entire mockup folder. This is just a sane and easy way to make sure you don’t lose any of your work if something goes wrong.

One easy way to backup your mockup application is to simply zip the entire folder.



2. Rename “data”,”dbconfig” and “license” folder

Once you have the backup created rename the important folders

The data folder contains all your mockups and if you have already registered the license then rename that folder as well



We just suffixed the folder names with _x (“data” to “data_x”, “dbconfig” to “dbconfig_x” and “license” to “license_x”)




3. Download the new update and unzip it in a separate folder

Visit the desktop download and get the latest update




4. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the tiger folder


We downloaded the latest version from the website, unzipped the contents to a directory under download/mockuptiger

Next we expand the directory and navigate to the “tiger” folder.

We copy this folder and overwrite the tiger folder in our current working directory



After this copy/paste/replace operation

you would see the folders like this



Now delete the “data”, “dbconfig” and “license” folder.

And then rename the “data_x” to “data”

Rename “dbconfig_x” to “dbconfig”

And rename the “license_x” to “license”

Now all the files are upgraded.

Upgrade the databse

Launch the application by double clicking on the server2go.exe

The first time you launch you may see a notice like below saying you don’t have any pages to view or do not have access



Click “OK” on the notice and then change the URL to upgrade the database as below

we simply call the file upgrade_db.php

This script will add the new database objects. There is no feedback or error reported so probably everything went fine.


Next, launch the application URL mt.php

You should be able to see your mockup projects and pages now





1. Get the new update and unzip in a folder

2. Backup your existing application folder

3. Rename data to data_x and license to license_x

4. Copy the entire tiger folder from the downloaded unzipped directory and overwrite your current working mockup tiger folder.

5. Delete the data and license folder

6. rename the data_x to data and license_x to license folder

7. Upgrade the database by running the upgrade_db.php

8. Launch the application.