How to share wireframe with other users

Even though these questions are answered in very detail here in the documentation, it is explained in more detail once again.


  • Can you create multiple projects in mockup tiger?

Answer: Absolutely yes, The whole application is designed with projects as the central idea. You can create any number of projects and within each project you can create any number of pages that represent mockups or wireframes.

You can learn more about managing projects here

click on Actions>> Go to dashboard >> Project Tab

  • How to share wireframes with others?

Answer: You can make your wireframe public and then share the URL directly with anybody.

NOTE: even though your wireframe is public, it is not publicly visible to anybody. You will have to send the link to others in order for them to view it.


1. Make the page public

2. View this page, to check the page in a new window, copy the URL and send it to anyone.

There are other ways to share the wireframes with your team.

Check this documentation for more details

NOTE: Click on Manage Projects button or go from Actions >> Go to Dashboard

Here are some other ways to share wireframes


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