Rudrasoft is a small software company (based in Pittsburgh,PA – USA) developing products since 2006. We build applications that are simple and easy to use.

Our first product, InfoCaptor is a Dashboard Software for small and medium businesses that want to build quick dashboards and get real insights into their operations.

MockupTiger is our prototyping application for Dashboards, Web apps and all types of software you would like to prototype or use it for requirements gathering.

MockupTiger is a very uniqueu00a0web based wireframe toolu00a0built using HTML5 standard. It is a perfect fit to brainstorm Business Intelligence reports and Dashboards. It is vendor neutral and works with any BI/Dashboard Vendor’s product.

MockupTiger is the first wireframing application that gives you true charts with prototyping ability. Along with dashboards you can build web and desktop wireframes in minutes