User Interface Mockups – How to do automatic sharing

Automatic Sharing of all user interface mockup/pages

Mockuptiger allows easy collaboration of all the user interface prototyping pages that you build under your account.

Scenario: Let say you are a project manager and are handling a particular client account. Now in your company you also have a senior product manager who is not building any ui mockups but would like complete visibility on all the activity you do. So basically your senior product manager wants a full visibility of all your activity within MockupTiger ui mockup tool

Note that it is possible to add users to groups and then add projects to that group. This is good and fantastic and this is how you should collaborate whenever building a prototype for your clients or within a project.

But if you want someone to just shadow all your activity then there is a easy way.

In the section for Group Details, you will learn how to add users to any group.

How to add members to your Group

1. First click on the Group Name that starts with “DEFAULT_GROUP_[your_user_name]” to select it

2. Click on “Add users to selected Group”

Users can be added using their email address either comma separated or each on a separate line



If you know the user’s account name then you can use that instead of email.

Enter each user’s email and click on “OK”

Once you add users to your own default group then that user can see all your projects and pages.

You can add users to the group with either as “DEVELOPER” or “VIEWER” role.

So you don’t have to worry about your senior management messing with all your work just give them the “VIEWER” role.