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Drag and drop interface to create Wireframes for Dashboard, Mockups for any application including websites and mobile apps

Dashboard Wireframe

Dashboard Mockup Tools​

Mockup Web Wireframes

MockupTiger provides widgets for building quick website wireframes, mobile stencils and dashboard charts. The dashboard chart accept data so you can prototype realistic charts. It provides consistent approach that is both simple and extensible.

Software Wireframe Tool

Express your creativity 

Stop fighting the tool and start expressing your ideas quickly into good wireframes. With MockupTiger you can instantly demonstrate multiple screen design ideas and build complex mockups faster than paper and pencil and far more useful

Low Fidelity Wireframe Software

Increase Productivity 

Using low fi wireframes or build high fidelity wireframes with images and clickable links

MockupTiger Wireframe Tool helps with creating simple wireframes very quickly.  It is easy to use, and it works very well with teams and clients.

Simplistic Wireframe Tool : Fresh and Clean interface - Faster than paper and pencil mockuptiger wireframe tool for dashboards

Benefits and Features of Wireframing Software

Mockup Software Benefits

Web Wireframes Features

  • Material Design Icons
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Line Based Icons
  • Use HTML content in widgets
  • HTML5 and SVG based
  • PDF Export
  • HTML Export
  • PNG Export
  • JPEG Export

Dashboard mockup Features

Wireframe Stencils and Mockup Widgets for all popular use-cases and applications

Clean and Crisp stencils for every popular use case. Extensive library of Text widgets, Container widgets, Line Connectors and Icons. It also provides dashboard widgets that accept data to create true chart mockups.

  • Text based stencils
  • Container stencils
  • Line Connectors
  • Dashboard stencils/widgets
wireframe stencils widgets

Dashboard stencils designed for building quick business intelligence mockups

Build true dashboard wireframes using D3js based library. All the charts accept data and behave like real charts.

  • Dials and Gauges
  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Pie and Donut charts
dashboard wireframe widgets

Extensive library of Icons and symbols

Over 3000+ Icons from Material design, Font Awesome and Linea are packaged as widgets that can be used for building wireframes.

All the icons can be simply dragged and just works like any other stencil/widget.

  • Drag and drop icons like any other stencil
  • Edit any Icon to add text
  • Rotate Icon to any angle
  • Stroke and Fill options
  • Resize the icon to any dimension
wireframe icon library

Collaboration and Team work

MockupTiger provides enterprise project based management. It allows to organizes each wireframe into project and can be shared with Groups of users. Individual pages can be made shareable via URL.

  • One click sharing as URL
  • Create Projects and Teams
  • Share clickable PDFs
  • Export wireframe to HTML
  • Export wireframe to PDF
  • Export wireframe to Image (PNG/JPEG)
wireframe team collaboration

Stencils for Mobile platforms including Android/iOS using symbols

MockupTiger provides a powerful mechanism where you can group multiple widgets into a Symbol and you can nest these symbols with other widgets to form bigger Symbols. Using the same mechanism we provide pre-packaged stencils for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Group Widgets into Symbols
  • Nestable Symbols
  • Reusable symbols
wireframe symbols stencils
annotation in wireframes


Annotation widget provides automatic numbering saving you plenty of time. Simple drag the circles and place it on the widgets. It will remember the number sequence.

wireframe flow charts

Line Connectors

Build flowcharts, tell stories and depict flow of user actions using versatile connector.

wireframe stick notes stencil

Sticky Notes

Sticky note is very interesting way to provide descriptions, comments and context to the wireframe. They come in variety of colors and sizes.

Why You Shouldn't Skip Wireframing

Low Fidelity Wireframes

In web designing and app production, being impatient and averse to long processes and brainstorming can be a counterproductive attitude. Good designers go through the four representation phases in their proper order: sketch, wireframe, mockup, and prototype.

In particular, you shouldn’t skip the low fi wireframe phase. What one works on the second phase of web design representation is the structural layout, which follows after the freehand drawing that’s done in the sketch phase.

Lower Fidelity Wireframes consist of black and white outlines that define the sizes and locations of page elements, conversion areas, and navigation system of a website to be created. Wireframes don’t have colors, logos, font options, or any design components that can cause the designer to lose his or her focus on the site’s structure. They are akin to building blueprints where one can easily see the locations of electrical, plumbing, and other structural systems.

Sketch, Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype: Understanding The Steps of Web Design

In the web development and app-making industry, you’ll often hear design terms like sketch, wireframe, mockup, and prototype. For newbies, these are terms you need to know and understand right away. Here are the basic concepts of each. Phases of Representation

The purpose of all four design techniques is to help developers figure out what they want to build. In other words, they are steps of representation of the final product.

The first two , the sketch and the wireframe belong to low-fidelity mockup representation. The third step, the mockup, gives medium-fidelity representation while the last one, the prototype, provides high-fidelity representation.

Sketch– This is the most basic representation. It is actually just a freehand drawing of what you want to produce, and this is also the quickest way you can visualize your website’s student. Even the simplest sketch can depict your ideas more clearly than words.

Generate more ideas as you go along or even change details when sketching. There are online sketch templates, wireframe diagram, and mockup tools you can use without shelling out a dollar.

Wireframe– The goal in this step is to provide your website or app’s structure. This is just a simple layout where the functionality of the product and the interconnectivity among views/pages are shown.

Here, you also describe the features and content you want to include and where they will be located in the final setup. Wireframes can also be used to make secondary and global navigations and ensure that the structure and terminology used for a website will be able to meet user expectations.

Mockup– This is the stage where the static map of the product is created. It’s time to put in colors, placement text, logos, images, etc.

It will look similar to the finished product, but it is not yet clickable and interactive. Rather, it is just a graphical representation, but one that you can use for providing a more defined visual to your investors to help them visualize how the finished product will look like. You can create mockups using free online mockup generator tool.

Prototype– This is like the mockup stage with additional animation, interaction, UX pieces, and everything that you would like your users to experience when clicking the site’s buttons. Ask your team and potential investors for suggestions.

At this point, the only thing that’s lacking is functionality. Web design prototyping tools can help you with that.

The Importance of Implementing These Steps Going through each of these steps brings the following benefits:

  • It’s great for brainstorming. It’s easy to define expectations using these steps. It is also your chance to get your ideas clearly expressed.
  • There’s less trial and error, which means you get to save money, effort, and time.
  • As you go through the steps, you can use the representations for pitching your ideas to co-founders, investors, and clients.
  • As opposed to concept designs, these representations are easy to amend. These various stages offer lots of opportunities for generating more ideas and incorporating needed changes to help you build the best website possible.

How is MockupTiger Unique from other wireframing applications?

  • Our Wireframe software tool is available both for on-premise install on your desktop, MacOS, Linux Server or Windows Server. Very rarely you will find other wire-prototyping tools that can be installed on any platform and for any number of users.
  • You can create wireframes without any installation using our free website mockup tool. We host the same  wireframe-software so there is no difference in the user-experience, no matter where you install or use.
  • Wireframes are created like individual HTML page so you can easily share the online mockups.
  • With built-in Flow chart lines and connectors you can create any kind of sketch or flowdiagram
  • The only and best way to create Dashboard Wireframes and mockups. The chart widgets are true d3js based visualization widgets and you can simply enter data into the charts and create working dataviz prototypes. Dashboards are an essential part of any application. Whether you are designing an admin-dashboard or full Finance Dashboard with drop down selectors, pie charts, line charts and bar charts, MockupTiger provides a comprehensive list of graphics for your purpose.