Wireframe Icons : Material Design and Font Awesome

MockupTiger wireframes includes three sets of Icons, namely Linea, Font Awesome and Material Design . These three sets total over 3000 icons.

The most powerful thing about Icons within wireframes is that they are designed just like widgets so you can simply drag and place them anywhere on the canvas and then resize to any dimension. There are no separate dialog boxes that get in your way to pick icons from. The same left panel extends and lists them for easy pickup.

What can you do with Icons

  • Rotate the icons to any angle
  • Flip them horizontally
  • Flip them vertically
  • Add text to them

How to use Icon

Simply drag the icons from the icons panel to the center canvas


Use the right panel and pick the “Stroke” and “Fill” colors to paint the icons

Rotate Icons

Use the right panel and change the angle


Duplicate or Clone Icon

Right click on the icon or widget and select “Duplicate”

This action will put the cloned object to the right


Flip Up


Flip Horizontal


You can even combine Flip Up and then Flip Horizontal

Different Fills and Stroke Colors


Finally add text to the icon

Double click the icon and a small text editor will popup and you can enter text inside. The text will always appear at the center of the icon.