How to Download and start MockupTiger on Desktop

1. Get the zip file


2. Unzip the file and double click on server2go.exe




3. You will server2go launch the WAMP stack


UPDATE: With the latest update, you don't have to go through the login process if you are running on localhost. MockupTiger automatically logs you in as "admin".

7. You can now click on the 'Start Now' link



Enter "admin" as the user and the default password is "admin123". You can click on the login and then change the password later on.



Above is the screenshot of mockups entry screen after you successfully login.

You can change your password or leave it as the default.

Server2go is a WAMP stack that puts a portable webserver on your desktop. Since MockupTiger is a web based application you need some kind of webserver to make it run. You can keep the server2go running so you don't have to start the server everytime you close the browser.

NOTE: With the recent update, server2go will keep running until you close it from the Tray icon. You can change the default behavior by going through the following steps

In order for server2go to keep running follow the steps below

1. Goto the mockuptiger directory as shown below




2. Edit the pms_config.ini file



On line 14 and 17, change the values to 1 so that server2go keeps running even when you close the browser. You will need to bookmark the mockuptiger URL

You should be pretty much set to work with building your mockups

Get MockupTiger downloaded on your PC

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