Mockup Update : Integrated Vector Icons and Project Browser

Below is a screenshot of project browser that allows you to switch between projects and pages.



And here is how the left panel looks like. The icons on the left are from the WPZOOM website.

WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set (WPZOOM) / CC BY-SA 3.0



The above one is for the sunny jquery theme.



This one is for a pink theme



So the idea is you don’t get bored looking at the same colors. Change them frequently! If you manually override the default color of the theme for any particular Icon then changing the theme will keep the color you selected.


There are other icon sets that will be integrated soon. The icons are completely vector based so you can use these icons to build any objects that you can dream of. For e.g look at the below object. The iphone like frame itself is a small icon and then the icons within them are simply placed inside to create a group object.




Thats it for now.

PS: (Off Topic) I spent the past 10 days in the beautiful city of Santa Barabara – California, learning intense Kriya Yoga. It was a super awesome life changing experience. Majority of the time was spent in learning Kriya techniques, meditation and Pranayama. I got some time during the day to check on my emails and support requests otherwise it was a total break from any work schedule.