How to install/host Mockups on your own server or domain

Follow these steps

  • If you already have your own XAMPP / LAMP / WAMP / MAMP / IIS setup
  • If you want to host it on your own domain
  • If you want to intall on your corporate network/intranet


  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL
  • IIS or Apache webserver

The steps will work on any webserver provided MySQL and PHP are already configured. If you are not sure or just want to test it, you can simple down-load XAMPP / WAMP and install it before you begin.

Step 1: Create a blank database to host MockupTiger objects

Note: It is recommended to keep Mockup objects in a different schema but if you want to use it in an existing database it is fine and you may skip this step.

1.1 : Launch PHPMyAdmin and create a new database

URL for XAMP: localhost/phpmyadmin/


Please make note of the user and password for this database.

Step 2 : Download MockupTiger zip file

Get the MockupTiger Server only files

2.1 Unzip the file in a directory under your webserver.

For Apache it would be under the htdocs directory



2.2 Upload the entire directory to your domain using FTP. : For Apache under linux, you can upload under the htdocs directory. We have our directory name as mockuptiger_server and if you want a shorter name you can rename it to anything you want. It won't affect the following process. For now, we will assume that the directory that you upload/ftp to your server is "mockuptiger_server"

NOTE: After uploading, Please give write permissions (chmod 755) to the "mockuptiger_server" directory.
PHP ini: You will need to turn the php short tag on inside your php.ini setting

NOTE: Before moving to step 3
We have discovered a bug in our install script.

As a temporary work around, please follow this procedure

1. Download the file

2. Add your database information where mockuptiger tables will be installed

3. place the file in the dbconfig directory on your web server where mockuptiger directory and files are launch the mt_install.php script in your browser

5. Enter the database information again (the same that you filled up in the above file)

6. Install

Step 3 : Launch Mockup Install page

Assuming your domain is and your installed directory structure is under htdocs and it is as below
htdocs/mockuptiger_server/base then goto the following mt_install.php page

TIP: locate the full URL to the "base/mt_install.php" and then launch it in the browser

HINT: If you cannot locate mt_install.php then there should be a file mt_install_delete.php. Rename mt_install_delete.php to mt_install.php and then launch the above URL




Enter the "Database Name" that we created in step 1

Enter the Host, Port, user and password information. In our case since this is a local xampp installation the user is root and the password is blank.

Step 4 : Install Mockup Objects

Click on the 'Install Mockup Objects' button and after few seconds it show up the below message if successful



Step 5: Login and Start

Click on the 'Start here' link above



Enter username : admin

Enter password : admin123

Note: Once you login, please change the password



NOTE: Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance installing on your server. Email:

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