Wireframes – server side clipboard

In MockupTiger, the clipboard functionality is implemented on the server side.

What does it mean by server side

  • When you select a single widget or multiple widget and press Ctrl+C (control key + c)
  • The widgets are copied back on the server under the user's private folder
  • Next time, when the user presses Ctrl+V for paste operation
  • The widgets are copied back from the server and pasted on the current open page/document/mockup

What benefits does it provide

  • You can copy a single widget or the entire mockup page on the server
  • You can paste across different browsers
  • For e.g If you copied to the clipboard at your work place, you can recall the clipboard content when you login at home using a different computer or a different browser.
  • You can use it as a temporary placeholder for widgets
  • The clipboard is always available even if you shut down your computer

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