There are so many samples of wireframes , mockups and clickable prototypes spread across this site and other sister sites

For clickable Prototype - Check this link You will see all live wireframes are connected with hotspot links so you can easily jump from page to page. The above link demonstrates that you can create full screen web page prototypes and share it with the world. You can use any widget to link to any other mockup page or external URL. It is really amazing!

Wireframe Gallery This is a user contributed gallery of wireframes. You can submit the wireframes from within the application (Export > Export to Gallery) and reuse any wireframe for your personal project. Just copy the JSON and import into the page using (Export > Import from JSON)

This gallery also has lot of samples that you can browse through

Here are some quick wireframes screenshot samplessales dashboard 400 275


dashboard1 400 275


dashboard2 400 275


wordpress 400 275


oracle navigator 400 275


google plus 400 275


promo 480 240


mockflow 480 240

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