Wireframe Samples – App mockup, templates and chart examples

This is a quick reference to several wireframe examples

Sample Table Grid wireframe


Wireframe Grids are extremely flexible and powerful. You can add HTML text, links and style the cell contents. If you need to merge columns or row cells then look into using the Table HTML tag inside the paragraph widget

Hacker News Front page mockup Sample Example

This is one of the High Fidelity Wireframe sample built using custom HTML and CSS.


Flow chart Wireframe diagram with wireframing options

MockupTiger wireframes have connectors that can be used to build flow diagrams


Sample of Dashboard Chart wireframes

MockupTiger is the only tool that has so many d3js charts for prototyping. Edit the data in the chart and immediately see the chart change. Much better than static image files that are seen in other tools.


Just having fun with various wireframing tools and widgets


Another simple wireframe Sample


Product Management Engineering Dashboard mockup/prototype Example illustration

More details on how the above wireframe-prototype was built using the Google spreadsheet template for Grid Tables