Wireframe : How to register mockuptiger

In your demo or evaluation version navigate to the following menu                       Click on Hello Admin => Register The following screen will show up                               Enter the Order Number and email … Read more

Mockups Basic Introduction

MockupTiger interface consists of three sections, top, left and center area Press ESC to toggle between full screen and normal view Create new projects using “New Project” menu Create new Mockup using “New Mockup” menu Change MockupTiger skin Drag any widget from the left panel to the center workarea

How to add Icons inside any Text component

Text and Icons are two of the main building blocks of mockups in MockupTiger. They are basic and yet powerful. You can embed text inside any Icon and you can also embed any Icon or any number of Icons inside a text string. Consider the below paragraph widget double click to edit the Paragraph widget … Read more

How to change an Icon and keep the setting

In our previous example on How to add Wireframe icons we built the below mockup Once you have set the colors and line settings and if you decide to change the icon character you can easily do it using a single right click. We make sure that the icon is selected and then go to … Read more

How to use Mockups Vector Icons

MockupTiger has a useful collection of icons that can be used in your mockups and wireframes. All of these icons are vector Icons so you can scale them to any size without loosing any details   You drag any icon from the left panel to the center work area. Once dragged, you can click on … Read more

How to Download and start MockupTiger on Desktop

Download the Windows installer http://mockuptiger.s3.amazonaws.com/mockuptiger_setup.exe (for windows) Run the setup It will start in a browser. For Non-Windows: Install MockupTiger Wireframe software on Linux, MacOS or Windows using Xampp or other PHP Stack

Mockup Gauges, Dials and Speedometers

After looking at the below screenshots, it may seem as if this is not a mockup application but a real dashboard application. But it is not. It is still a dashboard mockup application. Although you could use it as a static dashboard but then you would have to manually update the data to reflect changes … Read more

Mockup Update : Integrated Vector Icons and Project Browser

Below is a screenshot of project browser that allows you to switch between projects and pages.   And here is how the left panel looks like. The icons on the left are from the WPZOOM website. WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set (WPZOOM) / CC BY-SA 3.0   The above one is for the sunny jquery … Read more

Dashboard Wireframes – Fresh from the oven

Here is a sneak peek at the latest widgets being built in MockupTiger. All of these widgets are related to Business Intelligence and Dashboards. So far we have the bar chart, grouped bar chart, stacked bar chart, line chart, funnel, pie, and gantt chart.   These are not just static images but you can provide … Read more