4 Reasons Why You Need Interactive Prototypes

Prototyping plays a pivotal role in the development of a good application. This is the final stage for you to optimize how each element flows and interacts within your application. Prototypes don’t necessarily have to be visually appealing, but they do need to be interactive. If you go by ideas and sketches alone, your app … Read more

Wireframe Text Widgets

Link Bar Link bar is a quick way to create a set of horizontal links separated by a pipe. You can use the asterisk * in front to indicate a clicked link and a hyphen to indicate a disabled link. Double click the widget to provide a comma separated values. NOTE: If you happen to … Read more

Dashboard Wireframe Charts with Data

Gauge or Dial Chart Wireframe Widget One of the most wanted chart in any dashboard wireframe For most purposes like creating admin dashboard wireframe, you may just need to update the value and the description Double click the gauge and you will see all the properties. On the top you will see range related settings … Read more