MockupTiger Release 1.2.63 – 20110825

With the latest release a ton of new things have been added

  • changed default icon size to 20 and moving the position of the tabs


  • Bar chart coloring [noFill, all bars same color, all bars different colors, use color shades, use color series]


  • Added timestamp to objects when a page is accessed (backend changes)


  • Editable groups. simple right click on the group and on the object you wish to edit within the group and select 'Edit'


  • dial - added use_data_labels. Alternate labelling for the tick numbers


  • Group resizing enabled. Objects in group resize accordingly


  • hotspot icon. you can simply use it as a rectangular filled icon. It has special treatement.


  • icons now link to pages or external URL. use shift+click to jump to the URL or page


  • Export / Import JSON objects


  • Add to Gallery


  • Add to Library (Experimental)

The updates are available online and also in the download version.

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