MockupTiger Interview

Daydreaming is fun and I think the following is surely amusing!

Recently Mockup"Tiger" was interviewed on a local radio station and following is the transcript of it.

mockuptiger interview




Here is the transcript

"Interview Script

Hi I am Cindy from Fictionville,Pennsylvania and am the talk show host of our local 10.1 faky radio station. Recently we were able to secure some time from a very reputed online personality with who has a very good (""nobody knows him yet"") reputation and managed to make him talk. As you will see it was quite a feat making the guest talk as he prefers to rather roar, sounds unusual? Don't worry all will be clear in just a few seconds.. Music..
ask: Hi, today we are going to interview the Tiger from MockupTiger fame. We are going to ask some personal and professional questions to the MockupTiger so stick around as this is going to be totally unique,refreshing and insightful. Yes, insightful and some deep stuff!

ask: Hello Mockuptiger, how r u and welcome to the show

MT: thank you, roarrr

ask: so how do you feel, now that you are released

MT: Relieved! imagine a tiger in the jungle, trying to take a leak but not finding a good big tree around keeps walking for hours and days. finally finds a tree and he is relieved! Ahhhh!

ask: thats great. Was that too much pressure during the development process? Why do you say relieved?

"MT: well ""relieved"" because one milestone is reached. I was under constant nagging from my owner to release it sooner when the product was half baked, unpolished and worked only during ""Full moon"". I guess he read it somewhere to release as soon as you write first line of code, crazy guy!

I am, on the otherside a perfectionist, always looking for the perfect huge tree for the release. So atleast that nagging has stoped but there is more work ahead"

ask: Oh! you mean like adding more features

MT: features? r u nuts? more work to bring food to the table kind of work
ask: I see, so you mean there is no food at the table for you?

MT: roarrrr, I don't know how u humans do it but i have begun missing my jungle and zoo days

ask: what do you mean, can elaborate a bit

MT: back in the jungle, there was no worry and no pressure. if i felt hungry I just had to work out a bit for few hours, get a nice kill and would be good for days

MT: but when I was put in the zoo, it became so easy. I was fed everyday without any kind of work out.

MT: And now, its freaking crazy. Its like I am now in a circus. I have to please and show up the best behavior in order to bring sales for my owner and he being a vegeterian would not bring meat at home so hands me over the cash to go eat out.

"MT: It just does not stop. Every day, every minute a person downloads me on their PC I have to make sure not to roar. Can you believe a tiger stripped out of its roaring privilege?
Roaring is my birth right and I have strict instructions not roar or scare them away or make the user uncomfortable"

MT: People can poke and touch me anywhere, that is allowed and encouraged but I cannot roar. I should be able to atleast roar when people try to use me on Vista or Internet explorer. common dude, just let me do that, but nope. No roar whats so ever, roararrrrr

ask: great roar btw! so "not allowed to roar" is becoming a major issue?

MT: you just don't get it. IT is not just roaring. Just look at what i have become. I have been forcibly transformed from king of the jungle to a 'cat' that dances on your finger tips.

ask: so r u planning to go back to the jungle?

MT: jungle is not an option anymore! sigh! I have lost my touch. I wouldn't be able to feed myself anymore

ask: i see, sorry to hear that! so how about the zoo?

MT: r u kidding me! Zoo was good only for the food but it was hell in every other way. There was no freedom. Being locked up with all the jungle mates, it is the worst animal nightmare

ask: so now what?

MT: I have been talking to few therapists and have begun to realize that I will have to adapt to "the human way of life". This is going to be my "Karma Yoga", thats what my owner tells me. God knows what that means

ask: so what is this "human way of life" that your therapist and owner suggests, can you explain for convenience to our listeners?

MT: listen, i don't understand it that well either but here is what i am going to explain the best i can

MT: in nut shell, "do your duty but don't attach yourself to the results. Meaning, work hard, dance and try to please the user but if the user does not reciprocate in terms of "moolah" then don't try to bite them, just accept it. don't attach to the outcome. enjoy the journey and so on.

ask: man, that is deep! ouch i meant "tiger"

ask: vow, so i guess you do have lot of work ahead of urself. I would like to ask what else you do when you are not out there pleasing customers?

MT: hey listen lady! I am not out there pleasing anybody. don't try to spin the words. I just make sure that my customers have good time and enjoy using me.

ask: hmmmm

MT: well, the downloads are increasing, sales should start flowing soon (cross my fingers.... damn my fingers are getting fatter), so every day my personal time keeps going down. And whatever time i have got my owner insist that i learn something new, read books, medidate and hang around in competitor forums

ask: vow that was amazing and I wish I could roar like you. and now we have overun the alloted time schedule as usual, I keep telling my boss to give more air time but I guess can't roar like you :). Thank you mockuptiger and all the best for your "karma yoga" or whatever

MT: roarrrr, roarrrrrr roaarrrrrrr

NOTE: Many people emailed thinking this is a real interview. This is not a real interview. It is a figment of imagination. I apologize if the intended humor is offending.

What is cool about the whole thing?
Here are some key things the whole flowchart/infographic style conversation illustrates

  • If you notice, the whole thing is a giant continuous long image.
  • This means, MockupTiger has infinite canvas dimensions (width and height)
  • You can export the whole mockup/flowchart as a transparent PNG
  • The lady "Cindy" is just a cartoon and is a real widget
  • "Cindy" was fabricated using a bunch of HTML5 canvas commands converted from
  • It shows you can have multi-colored dialogs
  • It shows that you can have multi-colored text
  • It shows that you can embed icons within text
  • You can make it look like hand drawn
  • You can draw real lines/curves/arrows
  • All of this was done under 1 hour from transcript to mockup

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