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I do fulltime consulting work and during evenings and weekends I work on my products. During this time I support my established Dashboard product InfoCaptor and also work on MockupTiger. It is good that my wife and son(5 yr old) are vacationing in India. I have all 24hrs to myself 🙂 atleast for a month and hope to cover lot of base during this time.

When you build small and quick features you feel the progress is going really good but as soon as you start working on the more complex things it feels as if you are watching the space from an inside of spaceship, thats right, there is no reference of movement to perceive your progress.

Working on complex things involves lot of thinking, paper doodling, prototyping and research. One of the complex things that got accomplished this week is the implementation of Projects. This involved updating the Member API , working on the PHP serveside code and finally the client side Javascript code. It was a truly iterative design that juggled between database updates, php changes, jquery magic and running multiple cycles. Every cycle changed some logic in each stage. Finally it came to a point where it did not need any more changes and it was working as expected, so far! In chemistry it is known as the equilibrium state.

So here is the process.

A user can create a project and within each project they can create multiple pages. These pages contain the wireframing objects. When a project is created, it creates an entry in the project database table and also creates a directory on the server that is under the user's account ownership. When the user creates a mockup, it creates an entry in the objects table and a file on the server. Right now the object details will be stored in the file system only. The object name and high level information is stored in the objects table.

The object details will be stored as json string on the file system. The web application will register and save each and every action. So practically there is no need to have "SAVE" button.

I have already put an email list so if you are interested in knowing when the beta comes out you should definitely signup.



MockupTiger Beta Signup

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