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"MockupTiger Personal Edition" is an excellent way of doing wireframes in the browser without the heavy baggage of server or database.

Our Enterprise edition comes with complete user management system and uses MySQL database to maintain all the information. It also needs a webserver to operate.

MockupTiger Personal Edition is an extremely innovative way of delivering the same experience without the need of a webserver and a database system.

How is that possible?

Here is what we did

  • Modern browsers such as Chrome come with their own database system and one such system is called as "localstorage"
  • We singled out all the needed database objects that are needed to create projects and mockups
  • We redesigned the system using only localstorage
  • We kept the User Interface as it is.
  • So now the entire MockupTiger application is bundled into a single HTML file. No need of a webserver or database system.

What are the benefits?

  • Tiny footprint
  • Just visit the URL and keep using it.
  • Disconnected from internet? No problem. The application does not need it anymore. It is all within your browser.
  • Every mockup or wireframe that you can build using Enterprise Edition is possible in the personal Edition
  • Export to JSON and PNG
  • Just onetime payment

What is the catch?

  • Due to Javascript limitation, we cannot provide the ability to export to PDF
  • We will continue to find ways to solve this issue but at this moment we don't see any easy way to accomplish this.

What are my export options?

  • You can export your mockups as Text file (JSON)
  • You can export as PNG files
  • In future, you will be able to export to HTML files
  • You can import from our gallery

What about privacy?

  • All the data is stored in your machine
  • Only your eyes can see the mockups you create
  • The personal edition cannot communicate with the outside world because it is designed to be used without the internet.

What else?

  • The personal edition is a different kind of web application where you don't need any login id
  • It is automatically updated with new features when you connect to the internet.
  • Lifetime free updates.

In short, you are actually getting an Enterprise Wireframe application at a heavy discount.

Did we mention that you can use the same license on any number of your browsers/Desktop?

let us re-iterate our 100% Satisfaction promise

100% Satisfaction

You can try our products absolutely free of cost. You should also know that we offer 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of the purchase.

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