Wireframe Software for quick prototypes and mockups

MockupTiger helps you build wireframes, mockups and prototypes. It is very unique web based Rapid prototyping application and offers the best widgets to build Dashboard Wireframes or website Mockups. Provides scalable library of vector Icons, powerful Text widgets, containers and boxes and Dashboard Chart widgets.
Note: It does not use Flash. It is pure HTML5 and javascript

One of the best & Extremely Innovative. It is fast, flexible and super fun to work with

Just $20 for 10 users

Summary of Benefits/Features you will fall in love with

Complete Freedom
Use it on your desktop or host it on your own domain/website. Let your clients visit your website and not a third party service

Hand-drawn sketches
If you like, switch your sketches to hand drawn lines
or use default lines

Intuitive Interface
Drag and drop. Flexible font size and text controls.
Alignments, Fill and stroke colors and transparency controls.

Projects, Pages and Users
Organized in projects and folders. Unlimited projects and unlimited mockup pages.

Focused work environment
Just press 'ESC' and work in full screen mode. Resize the top and left panels

Dashboard Mockups
The only wireframe application that gives you true charts with prototyping ability.

Daily automatic versioning. The system automatically creates daily versions.

Clickable Mockups/Wireframes - Linking
Link to any page in the same project or another project. Link to external URLs.

Grids and Tables
Offers the best Table widget with several ways to customize the look and feel

Speedometers and Gauges
Create beautiful speedometer gauges and mockups in minutes

Vector Icons
Scale the size of Icons to any size. There is no size limitation

Save Time
Build Mockups and prototypes in minutes. Intuitive interface and very easy widget controls. Drag and drop
Save Money
Visualize your final product before writing single line of code

No need to spend before your sketch is ready

Focus on Requirements
Helps you focus on what is needed in very simple language.
Mockups are missing component of any requirements gathering.

Include mockup sketches in your documentation before getting sign off on your requirements. There is very less chance of scope creep. MockupTiger shows your wireframe in simple lines or pencil sketches.

Impress your clients Imagine your clients logging into your own site and seeing the wireframes and prototype version of their product

Beautiful and very professional!

Communicate Efficiently An Image is worth a thousand words so Mockups will help you and your client be more efficient. Less back 'n' forth on requirements and more time available for relaxing/meditation
Brain Storm Ideas Got an Idea for new killer app?

Brainstorm quickly and iterate as many times.

Who can use Mockups?
Here are some typical usage scenarios
You are a web designer
Your client asks you to develop a new home page
You quickly gather some basic information and create a new wireframe. Describe with sticky notes in the mockup. Send the PDF or screenshot of your mockup to your client and then start design process.

You are a business owner
You are starting a new coffee shop or boutique restaurant. Your budget is limited but you have your own idea how your website should be like.
You fire up MockupTiger and build the sketch for your future website. Then hop on to odesk.com or freelancer.com and post your mockup screenshot to the world of web developers. Work with the developer to get your final website ready

You are a Business Intelligence consultant/developer.
MockupTiger has large library of Chart widgets. Simply drag and drop charts, punch some sample data, create the dashboard mockup
and use it as part of your assignment.

MockupTiger is very versatile. You can install it on your corporate intranet and let users login through the web based interface.

Corporate users can use this for their everyday documentation. For e.g if they find a bug in the system or if they feel some screens need to be improved they login into MockupTiger and build their version of screen and send it to the IT department.

Corporations and Organizations having ERP systems like SAP and Oracle eBusiness suite can leverage this tool to design new mockups/wireframes/prototypes of forms and reports.

Would you like to build your application?

Start by sketching your idea into a wireframe in few clicks