Migrate Wireframes from staging to production

We have our Wireframes on the cloud available for over a month now. If you have been using our earlier enviornment on http://www.mockuptiger.com/wireframes/mockups/getin.php then now is the time to migrate your projects to our production site.

There is no difference in the interface and the fucntionality between the two enviornments. Our staging area will be kept in sync with the latest version but any new stuff or updates are first applied to our staging.

Accounts created in staging are not deleted but this may change in future. So switch over to a more robust and secure enviornment at https://www.wireframes.org.

If you don't have anything significant created then you can restart from scratch at wireframes.org

Here is how you can migrate individual wireframes.

The export/import is done page by page. There is no bulk export/import available at this moment.

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