List of Top Wireframe Software for Desktop 2020

Top 10 Wireframe Software for Desktop

Wireframes are skeletal models used for planning the design, functionality, and structure of an application or website. It is like the blueprint of a project. Wireframes can be a simple drawing on a napkin or an elaborate digital mockup, but agencies and freelancers must consider using a wireframe software or tool that can help them create professional wireframes.

Here is a list of top 10 wireframe software for desktop that you can use to design your next web project.

1. Axure

Axure is ideal for web designers who want a wireframe tool with robust functionalities and features. It is data-driven and users have the ability to validate ideas completely before writing or implementing a code.

You can control every aspect of your product design because Axure can include dynamic content, animations, conditional flows, and other tools when wireframes are all set to become prototypes.

2. Moqups

This vibrant software for wireframe can offer a refreshing aesthetic to every idea, process, and workflow created using the tool. It integrates cloud-based storage, real-time feedback functionalities, and unlimited users, which makes it ideal for smaller agencies who want to validate their wireframing process or for freelancers who work with freelancers.

3. Wireframe.cc

Wireframe.cc has a WYSIWYG interface that will allow you to begin designing wireframes right away without creating an account. It is ideal for beginners to digitize their paper wireframe designs.

4. Balsamiq

Balsamiq enables web designers to make low-fidelity wireframes, which place the focus on concepts. This makes them a powerhouse when it comes to honest client feedback.

5. Mockflow

If you are not familiar with the complexities of a more robust tool, Mockflow is the ideal wireframe software for you. The tool has a store with third-party templates that you can look through and purchase if you want an inspiration.

6. SimpleDiagrams

SimpleDiagrams has a huge background library, more than 500 pre-drawn shapes, and several examples of the ways you can use the software to give life to your ideas and concepts. It may not be a robust tool because it lacks collaboration features, but it is an excellent starting point to create professional wireframes for clients using a different tool.

7. MockPlus

MockPlus has lots of features that will allow you to build wireframes quicker than traditional tools, including pre-designed components, QR codes for device testing, WYSIWYG editor, master documents, markup components, and more.

8. MockingBot

MockingBot specializes in mobile application development. It enables you to drag-and-drop images, content blocks, and transitions into the mockup, which creates wireframes in less than 10 minutes. It has enough functionality for beginners to improve their concept and product design rendering skills.

9. InVision

InVision is one of the most recognized wireframing and prototyping tools. It focuses on creating environments that are ready for collaboration, which results in excellent designs and products. It incorporates Trello and Slack and is ideal for you if you want a tool for wireframing with advanced functionality to build great prototypes.

10. HotGloo

HotGloo allows you to collaborate at any time as it has a fully optimized mobile interfrace if you are often on the move. It has built-in HTML, which enables you to quickly export and implement your wireframes in HTML as well.


Many of the above desktop wireframe tools are packaged version of their cloud application. It is kind of a desktop shell wrapped around the Cloud service. So basically the desktop app is actually using the cloud application and requires internet connection.

MockupTiger Wireframes is provided both as Cloud and Desktop App. The main benefit is you get to download and use the same exact software that we host on our cloud platform. For desktop version of Mockuptiger it entirely hosted on your own computer or server and does not depend on our cloud service.



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