List of options to download and install MockupTiger Wireframes on (Windows – MacOS – Linux)

This is complete list of all the options on how to use MockupTiger on any platform.

Wireframes Cloud Option

This is a no-hassle option. Nothing to download or install. Just go to wireframes online, create your account and start using.

Wireframes Download Install on Windows

For windows, we have an installer that you can download, run the installer and start using.

  1. Download Mockuptiger windows installer
  2. Run the exe file
  3. The setup will create a folder and then start the services
  4. Please use Chrome/Firefox as your browser.

Wireframes install on any server including Linux, MacOS or Windows

  1. This is an extremely flexible option if you want to run MockupTiger on your own server/on-premise.
  2. The steps listed here are applicable to all platforms as it just needs a Webserver (Apache or Njinx), PHP and MySQL/MariaDB
  3. MockupTiger is very similar to the way you install wordpress or any php based application on your own server
  4. Check these Complete Step by Step instructions to install on XAMPP [NOTE: Applicable to any AMP stack such as WAMP, MAMP etc]

Some useful notes to understand the architecture of MockupTiger application

  1. What we provide at our MockupTiger Cloud is exactly the same software you get when you download and run on your own desktop, Mac or linux server.
  2. We maintain single version for all platforms and everything is HTML5 and SVG based
  3. There are no Flash based or Java based interface


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