Introduction to MockupTiger Wireframes

MockupTiger is a Wireframing web application that works purely from your web browser. The wireframe software that we provide online as a service is exactly the same software that gets installed when you choose to use it on your own computer. If you choose to you can install on Windows, Mac or Linux.

MockupTiger first debuted in 2011 and then we couldn’t focus on its development so after 7 years, this is kind of the second incarnation of our wireframe application. In the first version we had all the widgets designed using HTML5 Canvas.

We got rid of all the old code and widgets by redesigning everything in HTML and SVG.

What is unique with MockupTiger?

MockupTiger borrows the original concept of wireframe application for Dashboard and data visualization. It keeps and extends the functionality by providing better visualization engine for the dashboard charts. The most differentiating factor is that you can drag any chart onto the canvas and edit the data values on the spot and the charts will reflect them. They are not just static images like other wireframe applications.

Building blocks of wireframes

Our wireframe app is designed with few basic components and these components add features to make them distinct widgets within our library.

For e.g the basic building Text object is the “paragraph widget”, the paragraph widget can take any text including HTML content, this can be flipped top,left, right and bottom and rotated to any angle.

The second building block is the “box” which is internally just a paragraph widget with a border. You can add text to the box or leave it blank.

Using the “box” and “paragraph” you can build almost 80% of your wireframes.

MockupTiger version 2 has fresh new UI, SVG based widgets, HTML content and widgets to break any boundaries if needed and over 3000 icons from Material Design and Font Awesome