In 5 yrs your product name becomes a brand!

I do not have an MBA nor I am a business guru or marketing expert of any kind. I don't know how to build a brand but I have a simple and maybe laughable theory that "If Google starts showing suggestions related to your product name then you are almost a brand!"

5 yrs ago, when I launched InfoCaptor, I would google everyday for the word "infocaptor" and Google would tell me if I mispelled it for "infoceptor", very irritating!

Today it is a different story. Google does not irritate me anymore 🙂





It respects the name and shows meaningful links right on the front page.

How did this happen?

I did not do any special brand building. I just kept building the product and every small thing that goes to promote your product online. It is always a cumulative effect.

Cumulative effect of micro things is a powerful force

I like Peldi's reference to Steve Martin's interview "Be so good that the world cannot ignore you"

It is only few days since I put up my new product's website and already started googling for "Mockuptiger"



It almost feels like year 2006!

It is just matter of few months before Google starts recognizing MockupTiger and then it will be a brand 🙂

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