How to upload image or logo to Mockups

In this quick tutorial we will see the various ways you can work with images. Different kinds of Image widgets Type “image” in the search box Image The search will bring the following image related widgets Image The two widgets that let you work with your images are as follows 1. URL Image 2. Image Object URL Image This widget can be simply dragged and placed on the canvas. Double click and copy paste the URL of the image directly. This is good for hotlinking images stored on some other URL Image 2. Image Object This is an image object. You can only use this for uploaded images within mockuptiger. How to upload images 1. Go to File menu and select “Upload Images” Image It will open a new Tab like below Image These are list of all the projects you have in your account. You can upload images to any of the projects. 2. Click on “Upload a File” for say “My Project1” Image 3. You can select one or many images from your selected directory. 4. Click Open or done in your File browser window 5. The file will be uploaded to the respective Project folder Image 6. Go back to the Wireframe Editor 7. Go to File Menu and select “Browse Image Library” Image 8. Expand the Project where you uploaded the image Image 9. Drage the desired image to the canvas Image 10. This image object has special abilities 11. Right click to see the menu actions on this image object Image This completes the short tutorial on images