Dashboard Wireframes – Fresh from the oven

Here is a sneak peek at the latest widgets being built in MockupTiger.

All of these widgets are related to Business Intelligence and Dashboards. So far we have the bar chart, grouped bar chart, stacked bar chart, line chart, funnel, pie, and gantt chart.



These are not just static images but you can provide data and the charts will adjust. Stay tuned. more chart widgets are being cooked by our Tiger chef!

One thing you will notice is that all the previous screenshots that I have provided, they have different colors. This is because the widgets automatically take the MockupTiger’s basic theme and use that as the default color. So by just changing the color theme,everything changes, ofcourse it is just a skin and you can replace the skin anytime without affecting the original widgets. Mockuptiger is using jquery themeroller and it makes it easy for users to change themes and add more themes as they see fit.