Cool things about MockupTiger



Full screen work area: Just Press the ESC key and see the magic. You can toggle between Full screen and Normal view. Try pressing the 'Space Bar'


Server based Clipboard : You can do Ctrl+c, close the browser, turn off the PC, come back later, do ctrl+v and it will paste it what you saved. Your clipboard will work on other browsers as well. It is permanent until replaced by another Ctrl+C


JSON Data structure: All page objects are stored as JSON. All Json objects are stored as PHP array. So to integrate or simply report on the objects, include the PHP file, read the array and you are done. PHP includes functions to decode JSON into ARRAY so it is easy for integration into other applications.

Lines: The curvy lines and customizable arrows is a powerful tool to draw custom shapes.


Standardization: All text strings work the same way. You can apply text toolbar buttons and options on all strings equally.

Icons and Strings: This is really super cool. Coding this one feature saved us lot of time developing dozens of other widgets. You can embed Icons inside your strings just the way you can type characters inside any string. We don't have a button toolbar widget, why? You can simply use the Paragraph or any other text widget, add icons one after another by right clicking in the library.

Speedometer: Speedometer is powerful widget. You can create any custom look. Add as many circular discs, ranges and make it look good

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