How to draw lines in mockups

Draw curve lines Draw Horizontal lines Draw Vertical lines Toggle arrows for any lines change the shape of the arrows Draw Scrollbars  

How to use text widgets in Wireframes

Create link bars Create Bullet List Create Checkboxes and Radio list Position the checkboxes on the right side of the text Change background of the text and other format options such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough  

Mockups Basic Introduction

MockupTiger interface consists of three sections, top, left and center area Press ESC to toggle between full screen and normal view Create new projects using “New Project” menu Create new Mockup using “New Mockup” menu Change MockupTiger skin Drag any widget from the left panel to the center workarea

Mockup Gauges, Dials and Speedometers

After looking at the below screenshots, it may seem as if this is not a mockup application but a real dashboard application. But it is not. It is still a dashboard mockup application. Although you could use it as a static dashboard but then you would have to manually update the data to reflect changes … Read more

Mockup Update : Integrated Vector Icons and Project Browser

Below is a screenshot of project browser that allows you to switch between projects and pages.   And here is how the left panel looks like. The icons on the left are from the WPZOOM website. WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set (WPZOOM) / CC BY-SA 3.0   The above one is for the sunny jquery … Read more

Dashboard Wireframes – Fresh from the oven

Here is a sneak peek at the latest widgets being built in MockupTiger. All of these widgets are related to Business Intelligence and Dashboards. So far we have the bar chart, grouped bar chart, stacked bar chart, line chart, funnel, pie, and gantt chart.   These are not just static images but you can provide … Read more

Mockups and Wireframes

MockupTiger is a web based application that helps you to build fluid wireframes, mockups or prototypes for your next web application or desktop software. It has a huge collection of Icons, widgets (both for Desktop and Web application) and specially crafted Dashboard Chart Widgets. MockupTiger is a web based application that you can use with … Read more


Website prototyping is an important operation which finds wide scale use in the web design and development industry. Playing an important role in establishing the scope, functionality and interface design of a website, these prototypes help provide a planned approach to working for a project. Providing an opportunity to test proposed designs and operational details … Read more