Build FlowCharts – FlowDiagrams – workflows with Sticky arrows

With the latest release of our Wireframe software, we introduced sticky arrows. Simply put, sticky arrows stick to any widget that it touches. The bezier lines, straight lines and other curves all have this abilty to stick and follow the widgets wherever you drag them. With this feature you can build workable Flowcharts and FlowDiagrams. … Read more

Wireframe Samples

There are so many samples of wireframes , mockups and clickable prototypes spread across this site and other sister sites For clickable Prototype – Check this link You will see all live wireframes are connected with hotspot links so you can easily jump from page to page. The above link demonstrates that you can create … Read more

Which font works best with our wireframes?

The font rendering is not uniform for HTML5 Canvas string display. What does it mean? Chrome and Firefox have inconsistent behaviors when it comes to display text. For e.g when you display a rectangle at position 10,10 and width=50 and height=50 then both the browsers does it exactly you tell them. But when you tell … Read more

KPI widget Mockup for Dashboards

In response to Bill’s request for a KPI widget for a dashboard here is a easy way to build the desired widget. The grid_table widget is very powerful and with all the options turned on it may seem little overwelhming. Using the same grid table we produced the following KPI indicator widget Here are the … Read more

How to build Table Grids

  Here is the basic structure that defines a Table/Grid. Each option for the grid is defined on a separate line row:5 col:4 width:0 align:left,right,center,left,right col_data:3,4,5,6 col_data:13,14,15,62 col_data:23,24,52,36 col_data:31,14,53,64 band_color:#F7EEA6,#FFFFFF header_color:#CDFF57 summary_row:Totals,10,20,30 summary_color:#C2F3FF Here is the explanation for each option row:5 col:4 You provide the number of rows and columns. width:0 The width:0 will set … Read more