Wireframe Symbols and Mobile Stencils Mockup

The stencils provided for Android and iOS are group of basic widgets and known as symbols. The symbols are pre-designed for your convenience and you can create your own symbols. How did we create the symbols 1. We designed the following symbols just like regular mockups using boxes, text and icons. We formatted and used … Read more

Wireframe Boxes and Containers

Box In the hierarchy of objects, Wireframe Box is derived from the paragraph widget from the text controls. If you remove border and background from the box widget and add text to it then it is exactly same as default paragraph widget. Using Box and paragraph widgets, you can accomplish major portions of your UI … Read more

Wireframe Text Widgets

Link Bar Link bar is a quick way to create a set of horizontal links separated by a pipe. You can use the asterisk * in front to indicate a clicked link and a hyphen to indicate a disabled link. Double click the widget to provide a comma separated values. NOTE: If you happen to … Read more

Wireframe Connectors and Lines

These connector widgets are special widgets that connect one object to another object using curved or straight lines. These are the various line connectors These are basically the same line objects except they are provided in different positions for conveneince. You can simply drag a connector and drop it anywhere on the canvas. Just dropping … Read more

Dashboard Wireframe Charts with Data

Gauge or Dial Chart Wireframe Widget One of the most wanted chart in any dashboard wireframe For most purposes like creating admin dashboard wireframe, you may just need to update the value and the description Double click the gauge and you will see all the properties. On the top you will see range related settings … Read more

Wireframe User Guide for MockupTiger

Introduction MockupTiger is a web/browser based application. It comes in ready made package that can be installed on your computer. It is also available as Cloud Wireframe application. If you are already familiar with modern drag and drop interface then you will certainly feel home and you may not need to go through the entire … Read more

Introduction to MockupTiger Wireframes

MockupTiger is a Wireframing web application that works purely from your web browser. The wireframe software that we provide online as a service is exactly the same software that gets installed when you choose to use it on your own computer. If you choose to you can install on Windows, Mac or Linux. MockupTiger first … Read more

Wireframes – server side clipboard

In MockupTiger, the clipboard functionality is implemented on the server side. What does it mean by server side When you select a single widget or multiple widget and press Ctrl+C (control key + c) The widgets are copied back on the server under the user’s private folder Next time, when the user presses Ctrl+V for … Read more

How to Download and start MockupTiger on Desktop

Download the Windows installer http://mockuptiger.s3.amazonaws.com/mockuptiger_setup.exe (for windows) Run the setup It will start in a browser. For Non-Windows: Install MockupTiger Wireframe software on Linux, MacOS or Windows using Xampp or other PHP Stack