Business Intelligence Folks Get Your Weapon For Mocking Dashboards


Business Intelligence Folks Get Your Weapon For Mocking Dashboards

PITTSBURGH, PA (November,2011) - In the long history of Business Intelligence, users always resorted to
crude methods for creating Dashboard Mockups and Prototypes. These methods often involved paper sketch, using Microsoft Excel and worst use someone else's dashboard sample as a reference in the requirements document.

"This is how badly the Business Intelligence community is handicapped when it comes to gathering requirements for their Dashboards", said Nilesh Jethwa, Founder and CEO of Rudrasoft LLC. "I have been a Business Intelligence consultant myself and always had this itch but now our tool MockupTiger solves this very problem"

MockupTiger is an Enterprise class web based wireframe software, that is very easy to use and allows anyone with a mouse to drag-n-drop Charts and Graphs on the screen and quickly build Dashboard Wireframes or User Interface Mockups. Users can simply punch data and the charts quickly change to reflect the data. "You can see the bars go up and down, line charts dance as you type your numbers" said Nilesh Jethwa.

Once you build the Dashboard Wireframe/mockup, you can send the URL to your users for instant feedback. MockupTiger comes with Enterprise class security and user access control management system. It can be easily integrated with existing ERP and Financial systems.

MockupTiger is perfect for building software prototypes. Web design agencies can use it to quickly hash out clickable wireframes and involve their clients in the entire process.

With MockupTiger, mockups look like hand drawn and when you are done, you can switch it to the normal presentation mode.

Users can evaluate the application at

The online demo area is free to try and users can also download and host it within their own private network.

Nilesh Jethwa, Founder


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