Wireframes Web application service

A quick update.

We have a secured site up and running for you to build your web wireframes at https://www.wireframes.org/ui/getin.php

The current service on MockupTiger will be used for staging purpose.

If you have an account at http://www.mockuptiger.com/wireframe/mockups/getin.php then you may want to register at wireframes.org and if you like we can migrate your entire account to that service(just send us email support"AT"mockuptiger.com with your email address).

Wireframes.org is currently free to join and we will soon publish payment plans (there will be a free plan)

We will keep the current service at http://www.mockuptiger.com/wireframe/mockups/getin.php but it will not be a production enviornment. All our latest version will arrive at mockuptiger.com before being applied to wireframes.org

To summarize

Test Enviornment : http://www.mockuptiger.com/wireframe/mockups/getin.php

Production : https://www.wireframes.org/ui/getin.php

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