Wireframe Tool : MockupTiger updates

For past couple weeks we made our mockups available for public access.

There has been no big splashing launch or anything of that sort. Just posted on few forums to invite people to take a look and share feedback.

Since then our traffic has increased from almost zero to 200 unique visitors/day

We have now close to 320+ users using our online Mockup application.

And these 320+ users have designed 400+ wireframes

Although the plan is to encourage users to download and use it on their desktop or host it on their own servers, we see lot of users preferring to use the online application.

Our wireframe application needs a webserver to run so to simplify the download and installation we leveraged a wonderful click-and-go apache webserver "server2go". The whole mockuptiger app is preconfigured within server2go so you simple download the zip file, unzip, and launch the application.

During the past week, couple of technical changes were made so users can simply take a peek at the mockups without registration or downloading the application.

New Widgets

Image Box Placeholders

These widgets are clones of paragraph/box widgets so you can type text inside and has all the basic functionality of paragraph widget.

In addition it shows the dimension of the box. This should be handy for wireframes where you just don't have enough details and want to fill some space.








Bubble Comment/ToolTip widget.

This one also is a clone of paragraph widget so you can type any text inside it.

You can arrange the pointer of the bubble in eight different position.

(top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, left top, left bottom, right top, right bottom)

Right click on the widget to manipulate the position















And here is the clean look
















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