Wireframe Look and Feel

A bunch of new personalizable settings are available as follows

One that is discussed here is the first option "Color Theme"



Color Theme : This option lets you set the color skin for the whole application.

When you select a theme, all UI elements use the base color of the theme. The widgets are also drawn using the base theme color. So when you change the theme, all the widgets are re-drawn using the base color of the selected theme. If you manually override any colors then those colors will be retained with your choice of color.




The following is the redmond theme



Green - Le Frog theme



Light Orange - UI Lightness theme



Red - Blitzer theme



Sunny theme



Dark blue - Dot luv theme



Pretty in Pink theme



What if you like the interface to be of different theme and the default draw color to be custom.

The solution would be to use the option
'Use custom draw color as below'



Once you set the above option, you can then set your draw color option by clicking on the color picker option 'Custom Draw Color'

In the below screenshot you can see that the theme is "Pink" but the draw color is a shade of 'Green'



NOTE: The colors that you override will be maintained irrespective of what theme or default draw color you choose.

Similarly you can choose the default Font between 'Arial', 'Verdana' and 'Comic Sans'

You can choose the default font size so you don't have to change font sizes everytime.

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