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High Fidelity Wireframes - Connect your sketches, crop images, sketch or greyscale

MockupTiger is a super easy application that allows you to build low fidelity wireframes quickly.

But what if you had a situation where you like to build a sketch in a heavy duty paint application like photoshop?

How about mixing low fidelity and high fidelity together to build something so unique and compelling presentation for your client?

With the introduction of images in MockupTiger, all of the above is possible.

To do a real explanation we have built a show and tell presentation document (live)

Working with images and wireframes - Check the presentation here

Importing images

Importing images is extremely easy and very intuitive. Just drag and drop your images from your computer and all of your images will be uploaded without any interruption or interaction.


Cropping and some basic image editing

* Import any image as URL (hotlink from external site)
* Upload image and make it native (gif-png-jpeg)
* Crop your images super easy
* Convert to Greyscale instantly
* Convert to sketch like image (filters)
* Add some spice by bringing animated GIFs


The possibilities are endless - External images, high fidelity sketching and prototyping, Animated Images.....

Working with images and wireframes - Check the presentation here