This is a quick reference to several wireframe examples Table Grid wireframe Wireframe Grids are extremely flexible and powerful. You can add HTML text, links and style the cell contents. If you need to merge columns or row cells then …

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In this article we will analyze the NFL play by play dataset. The data consists of each play for all games from 2002 thourgh 2013. It is roughly around 600k rows and hardly qualifies as big data. The main point …

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Using the data from and easy to use dashboard software we perform analytics on a huge dataset that spans 20 years of Venture capital investment data from 1995 onward. Having data that goes far into the history should give …

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InfoCaptor released the free online dashboard for every small business user in the entire universe. The free dashboard is available at and it is one of the most innovative dashboard in the Business Intelligence world. With the online dashboard …

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InfoCaptor Enterprise is now available for everybody to build and use dashboards in the cloud. There is no installation or setup required. Just create a login and start using. You can read the documentation here

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MockupTiger is a super easy application that allows you to build low fidelity wireframes quickly. But what if you had a situation where you like to build a sketch in a heavy duty paint application like photoshop? How about mixing …

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Here is a short introduction video that walks through the features and interface

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Let the Tiger help you build your next Mockup!

Start by sketching your idea into a wireframe in few clicks