MockupTiger Update release 1.3.92 – 20111021

This new update adds the following features.

MockupTiger Dashboard

Enterprise Class Group and project management features are now available with a single click to the Dashboard.

If you worked with Oracle ERP or SAP or OBIEE security management then you will see that lot of concepts have been borrowed from these enterprise applications.

MockupTiger now has the "Circles" feature that you see in Google+. But we are not so cool and sticking with the tradional way of calling things. Within MockupTiger it is simply called "groups", shall we?

Groups is a very powerful and simple concept. If you are a web agency then every client and members working for them is part of a small group. "ClientA group" and "ClientB group".

If you are a big organization then each small team can be a group "Web design group", "Software Development Group" and so on.

A group is like an umbrella, you can add users to the group and users can share their projects to the group. So now every member of the group can see all the projects in the group. Project access is tightly controlled through the dashboard.

More about groups will follow in new tutorials/documentation updates

Just navigate to Action >> Go to Dashboard and play around.






The second major update is about Presentation and Clickability

You can now share your documents to public by simply providing the link

See, how easy it is!

But wait, sharing the URL does not mean you lose control over it. You need to make the document public through the dashboard. And yes, once public you can always revoke the public access.

We will also cover how you manage permissions in coming tutorials.

Earlier we had to provide the project code and page code to access the document but then we realized our page code is always unique so there is no reason to provide project code.

When you are viewing the document with a suffix of "pa=document_number" then the application switches to presentation mode. In presentation mode you can still move objects around but the toolbar and widgets are not available.

A link is represented by a small "up-right" arrow near the text or bottom of the icon.


A hotspot is never displayed in the presetation mode but appears as a ghost widget just to act like a link placeholder.

Clicking on a link in the presentation mode will always open in the current window. So the exciting side effect is you can use your browsers back and forward buttons to navigate the documents.

And finally, we added a new cool blue theme

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