MockupTiger ready!!!

Almost there...all the widgets and features planned for the beta are complete. We feel MockupTiger with the current set of features and widgets is ready to face the world. Still some UI and other deployment activity is pending. So in the meanwhile take a look at the widget library. There are more surprises in the screenshots and may not be obvious until you try the software.

This is the list of icons. We already have the framework to allow users to draw their own vector icons but it won't be incorporated yet.



The following is a list of Text and Link widgets. If you believe us then let us reveal a secret. All of the text objects below are just single widget. By just changing properties and few flags you can derive one from another. We allow some flexibility when to convert from one type to another but this is just for information.



The following are not sub objects of the paragraph object but then they change in behavior so they are different.


Right now the Gauges shows only two samples but you can derive infinite combinations and can get as fancy as your imagination runs wild. There are other gauges that will come once we launch but not for the beta.


Finally, the core essence of our Dashboard Wireframing widgets.


Although we just have 8 sample line/connectors you can simply drag/pull or poke the lines into any shape. You can even change the shape of the arrow, length of the arrow segments and even the directions. You can have both arrows, single arrow or just no arrow. You can even choose the placement of the text that appears on the arrow. This is one of most the clever implementation of line connectors for mockups.



Do you think the above introduction is enough for you to join our beta signup?


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