How to add links to mockup objects

You can add links to any text widgets (excluding Paragraph and Tag cloud)

Consider the below button widgets

How to link pages in the same project

We need to add link to each button

1. Double click to edit the text


2. We want to link the text "Home" to the "Home" page in the project1

so we place the cursor either at the begining of the word "Home" or just after it.

3. Right Click on the Home link on the left Panel under the project1 section



4. Select "Add as Link"



Once you select 'Add as Link', it adds a link tag <link=project1_4e0e25bae0dbf~#home_4e0e25bb18ccb> where "project1_4e0e25bae0dbf~#home_4e0e25bb18ccb" is the direct document number and it is unique for each mockup.

Using this document reference you can interlink pages across different projects.

5. Click OK and you won't see any difference in the text appearance

6. Now make sure the text widget is selected (it should have a blue border)


7. Now press 'Shift' and then click on the 'Home' text

NOTE: the widget should be selected and then only the shift + click will work

Once you press "Shift" + mouse click, the page switches to the Home page




How to link pages from Other projects

The concept is the same whether you link pages in the same project or across projects. You need the unique document reference.

Consider the below project and page


1. We want to link this home page so we grab the document reference of this page.

Right click on the "Home" and get the document number



2. Copy the Document number by selecting the text



3. Now switch back to the previous project1 => Homepage, edit the text and replace the document number in the link tag



4. Click ok and now when you use "Shift" + Click on the home Text it will switch to the cross project page.


How to add external URL

Similar to the above approach, just use the exact URL instead of the document number


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