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2.VC Investment Data visualization and analytics #

Using the data from pwcmoneytree.com and easy to use dashboard software we perform analytics on a huge dataset that spans 20 years of Venture capital investment data from 1995 onward. Having data that goes far into the history should give us enough to extract the necessary analytical juice out of it.


VC investment by industry

Change in investment pattern between 2000 and 2014

The year 2000 was definitely the peak for VC investment craziness. A whopping 105 Billions was pumped into startups and bringing them quickly for IPO. Ever since after the crash of 2000... Continue reading the original article

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3.Impact of sports in movies : Simple Data visualization Analysis - Basketball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Miscellaneous sports #

This http://www.the-numbers.com/keywords/ website contains lot of statistics related to movies and one important piece of juicy data is that they have categorized the movie listings by keywords. Using this list we try to analyze the popularity of sports in movies.

1. How has the featuring of sports as backdrop or prominent theme increased over the years?

We simply count the number of movies and show it against the year.

The categories that we selected are as below

["Basketball","Football","Gambling","Hockey","Lacrosse","Miscellaneous Sports"]


Increase of sports in movies

Now we can check the box office impact of sports in the movies

sport movies world box office

That is a big spike in 1999 so let us see what sport categories contributed to all these numbers

lacrosse featured in movies 1999

Interestingly, Lacrosse was featured for the first time in movies and the year was 1999 and movie "American Pie"

lacrosse movie grossings


Miscellaneous Sports Movies

movies miscellaneous sports


Let us take a big picture view of sports impact on movies [excluding gambling]

impact of sports in movies

Click here for the interactive visualization


List of movies featuring Basketball

movies featuring basketball

Movies featuring Football

movies featuring football

Movies featuring Hockey

movies featuring hockey

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4.Color Analysis of Flags - Patterns and symbols - Visualizations and Dashboards #

Recently, here at InfoCaptor we started a small research on the subject of flags. We wanted to answer certain questions like what are the most frequently used colors across all country flags, what are the different patterns etc.

Read more Color and Pattern analysis on Flags of Countries – Simple visualization but interesting data

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