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As I mentioned previously (Purpose to build Mockuptiger) I want to build the best Dashboard Software. A web based Dashboard software that provides the feel of desktop experience. In my current desktop dashboard, everything happens on a single GUI screen. Normally when you design a web application several pages are involved and users navigate certain links for certain actions.

After much exhaustive research, it became evident that providing a similar experince is possible with today's web application. The only problem was the languages and techniques were totally new for me.

When it comes to desinging a desktop app, you just deal with one platform and language. For a web application, there is browser, client side scripting, server side scripting and database programming. Both client side and server side scripting was new for me and the toughest was to deal with the understanding and comparison of single persistent connection to databases in Desktop versus non persistent web state.

So I studied lot of web applications for the best user experience and having information from my current dashboard users it became quiet obvious to provide a "Dashboard Wireframing" option.

Earlier when I built InfoCaptor, there were lot of features added to it. Later I started dissecting them and started marketing those thined down products as independent utilites. I had some success to sell those sub products but I did not focus much on the marketing aspect for those sub products.

So now since I have the idea to build a web based dashboard software and if wireframing is going to be part of the workflow, it made sense to develop the mockup part as a independent module. So tomorrow if I want to introduce flowcharts, it can be a separate extension. If I want to introduce interactivity then it can be a separate module. If users want to convert the mockups to real website, why not just have a separate extension.

This way I can finish the product sooner and build a nice product portfolio.



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